Thetford Aquakem Triple Complete Toilet Chemical Pack 1.5l Blue Toilet Fluid + 1.5l Aqua Fresh Bowl Cleaner + 4 Pack Aquasoft Toilet Tissue

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This extra value tripple toilet cleaner pack from Thetford includes the Aqua-Kem blue, Aqua-Rinse and a 4 pack of Aquasoft toilet tissue these chemicals have long been the trusted type for those with mobile sanitation systems. This tripple-pack inlcudes: 1.5l Aqua-Kem Blue Aqua Kem blue is the renown choice for those seeking a premium and powerful toilet cleaning fluid, particularly for those using their mobile sanitation systems at high temperatures and during extended usage of 5 days or more. Its powerful formaldehyde action quickly breaks down waste matter, eliminates unpleasant odours, reduces gas build-up and prevents deposits from adhering to the waste tank. Aqua Kem will only freeze at temperatures below -17 degrees centigrade and, even after thawing, works just as good as before. 1.5l Aqua-Rinse Aqua Rinse is a extremely effective additive for the fresh water tank of your toilet, whilst providing a great flush, it also helps keep your flush water fresh and improves the overall hygiene of your toilet. 4 Pack Aquasoft Thetford Aqua Soft is a super-soft toilet paper that dissolves quickly, it prevents clogging, and makes your waste-holding tank easier to empty. Dissolves quickly Prevents clogging Easier to empty waste-holding tank Prevents malfunctions or damage to the waste-holding tank Super-soft 4 rolls in one package