Solar Technologies HUBi 10K Power System

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A reliable power source on the go. The solar HUBi 10K Power System will generate electricity by using its solar panels to collect daylight for an environmentally friendly option for your devices.A reliable and robust solar hub that provides illumination and power on the goFeaturesCrystalline solar panel – collects daylight and converts into DC electricity.Solar Hub – stores DC electricity and redistributes via various power outlets.Lithium battery pack – lightweight power storage.LUMi lighting systems – supplied with 2 LUMi lights that offer 40 lumens of brightness and are powered by the Solar Hub.Solar panel stand5 output sockets – 12v Auto Socket, 2 x USB Sockets, 2 x 12v Lightning Sockets.Versatile device compatibility – smartphones, tablets, laptops, LUMi lights, HUBi fan, 12v air compressor, 12v DAB radio, 12v LED light strip etc.Fully charges in 7-10 hoursConnecting cables included