Shelby Ceramic Coating

£45.99 inc. VAT

This highly engineered coating gives unparalleled protection for your car, lasting years and in most cases the lifetime of your car, and can be applied EASILY by YOU at HOME.

Originally formulated for a luxury yacht manufacturer where the need to gain the highest hydrophobic properties are an understatement, we’ve used this experience, expertise and heritage to bring you a fantastic coating for every marque of car.

Our production team have sweated blood and tears to bring you their best ever formula  which is easily applied and easily buffed to a perfect glass like finish.
Now there’s a couple of small proviso’s here.

Before applying to your car, we strongly recommend you have the car surface as clean as possible as once applied, this coating is there to stay. For best results, use our Official Shelby Shampoo.

Application couldn’t be easier. On the cleanest surface you can manage and are happy with, apply our ceramic coating one panel at a time.

Using the applicator pad supplied with the product, apply in long straight strokes.
Easy panel will take approximately 15 – 20 mins to cure initially, then simply buff off to reveal a glass like finish to your paintwork.

In some countries, you’ll have a trigger (2 squirts), other countries simply apply a small amount (about the size of the nail on your small finger) direct to the pad from the bottle.

Additional layers will improve the look and quality of the coating and can be applied after a full 24hrs after the first coating. It’s also fairly important not to wash your vehicle for 24 hrs after application. The coating is rain repellent after 20 mins.

Most ceramic coatings are advertised at operating somewhere between 42 and 55% active. The Shelby Ceramic Coating Silver Edition operates at a minimum 72% and has never before been released for general use.

Our product will remain bonded to the surface and will not become brittle, which means a harder wearing and longer lasting protective layer.

The Shelby Ceramic Coating is perfect for use on all road vehicles, off road vehicles, RV’s, watercraft, aircraft and most glass and plastic surfaces.

This bottle is sufficient to coat a minimum of 4 family sized cars at least once.


Although this product is jam packed full of ceramic technology and will hide many minor scratches and swirls, it will not completely hide, mask, or remove any major swirl marks and scratches previously on the surface. If your surface is badly marked, seek advice from a professional and reputable retailer.


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