Gas Locker for Camping Gaz 907

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This is a black metal box. not very exciting 😉 Actually its a very well made black metal box which fulfils all the requirements for a safety locker in which to store your Camping Gaz 907 cannister. The box is manufactured from steel and is powder coated, access is via a completely removable front panel which is held in place by two quarter-turn latches. A rubber seal and 55mm high base tray ensure the safety of your gas storage. Each locker is leak tested and complies to BS EN 1949:2002. We supply the lockers without holes cut for drop-out vents or gas pipes. Depending on your own installation you can place them wherever is appropriate. External dimensions: 340mm high, 235mm wide, 300mm deep (includes 20mm for the door latch knobs sticking out the front) Opening dimensions (for putting the gas bottle in): 225mm wide x 257mm high

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