Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge and Pressure Gauge

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Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge<br/>You can be sure of your and check to see unless otherwise directed by your air pressure with this digital tyre gauge.<br/>The correct tyre pressure doesn't affect the safe handling of your Gespannes.<br/>Technical details:<br/>Digital Tyre Pressure Gauge with built-in battery is included (like the picture in the description), maintenance-free and car off function turns on the device if it for a long time stood still from aluminium housing measurement range is from 0.15 to 9.50 bar length approx. 140 mm by pressing the ON button you can change the display in PSI, BAR or KPA switch can also be of units of Bar, PSI, kPa, kg/cm²<br/>Easy to use when switched on as well as the pressure indicator will be accompanied by a signal tone.<br/>The pressure gauge is then easy to apply on tyre valve.<br/>Illuminates after signal tone shows the digital tyre pressure at the large display.

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