About Us

Outlander Motorhomes

We started life at a workshop in Twechar (Est 2018), which is on the Outskirts of Glasgow. A fitting countryside setting for the beginnings of any camper-van adventure.

Operating from a 2100 Sq Ft workshop, we convert, repair and accessorise campers and motorhomes. We also supply replacement parts and pride ourselves on being able to find anything your camper desires (we can generally beat internet prices too!).

Having had an early midlife crisis Mark (Our founder) left the corporate engineering world behind to strike out on his own with the help of a few friends and family.  After travelling throughout Europe and the UK in motorhomes, Mark has found himself back home in Scotland with a desire to share his passion with like-minded people.  Outlander Motorhomes was born.

If it has an engine and you can sleep in it (and even if you can’t),  We’ll probably like your camper more than you do.  If we can help, we will, failing that, we’ll point you in the right direction.